Your favourite photographs will be those story-telling images that bring back how you felt during your heartfelt moments. Those little moments you may have otherwise forgotten. The way your partner looked at you. The look on your parent's face as they hugged you tightly. Those moments are too precious to leave to chance.

If you believe wedding photography and family photography should be documentary, genuine, and timeless, then you are in the right place.

Calgary wedding & family photographer

You will never regret capturing the most important relationships and moments in your life.


Jenn is absolutely amazing at what she does! She was my wedding photographer, and blew us away with our photos. She was patient, accommodating and knew exactly how to get a big group of people focused for a photo. Jenn would fix my hair if it was out of place for a photo and would ensure everything was perfect. Also, she is a master when it comes to lighting in photos!

She has the best persona, makes you feel so comfortable and is honestly just so much fun to be around. You can tell she cares a lot about her work and her clients. We will 100% hire her again as a photographer in the future.

– JAMILA (& ALI), married in 2021

Kara Rogers

"She knows what she is doing, it's not only my photographer but my friend"

Kara Thomas

"Mexica is a wonderful photographer and artist. She's always my go to."