Candid and documentary wedding photography records relationships and authentic moments

Tyler and Michelle recently had a beautiful summer wedding at the Calgary Zoo filled to the brim with family and friends. This wedding really stands out to me because of how focused the couple was in connecting with their family and friends and which made it easy for me to capture genuine moments through out the day. This couple have the sweetest relationship and truly cherish not only each other, but each other’s families.

Shakespeare’s King Lear asks the blind man how he sees the world to which he replies… “I see it feelingly”.

Is that not how we all should see the world? That’s certainly how I “see” weddings. There are times I’m quietly wiping a tear away behind the lens from bearing witness to heavy emotions. From an illness keeping the bride’s mother from fully participating in the wedding to the groom’s family mourning the loss of an older brother mere weeks before the wedding, this wedding had so many powerful moments as two families came together to celebrate a truly remarkable couple. The kindness and generosity of Tyler and Michelle is unmatched in my books. They have a truly remarkable support network in their lives and that speaks to the quality of people they are.

I was truly honored to capture this summer wedding at the Calgary Zoo which included tender moments between this bride and her wheelchair bound mother, her godmother, as well as her husband’s parents. Family is everything and my belief is photos that capture relationships are the timeless ones impervious to trends and filters.