Is there anything better than a newborn? It’s the tiniest bundle wrapped up with so much love and anticipation. A new life that brings with it so much promise as well as so much work (at least the first little bit). Although exhausting, a newborn holds such wonder it makes all the sleepless nights and long days worth it.

My friend Robyn and her husband Isaac welcomed their second little boy recently. A beautiful boy named Joseph. He was so chill and had the cutest little expressions. His older brother Josiah was pretty thrilled about his new baby brother. He kept kissing and snuggling him, it was beyond sweet. I can only imagine these two as the best of friends as they grow up together. Sibling photos are always my favorite at these newborn lifestyle family sessions.

My favorite photos of this session have to be the ones of Robyn holding her precious son. She has just officially met Joseph, but she has known him much longer. She once carried him so carefully in her body and now here he is in her arms, looking into her loving eyes.

These photos are meant to capture Joseph as baby, all his little rolls and sweet baby cheeks. They are more than newborn photos however because as he grows up he’ll look at these and see the love and pride in his parents’ eyes. He will know he is and was loved immensely.

Congratulations Robyn and Isaac. Joseph is beautiful and so lucky to have you both.