Choosing an urban location in downtown Calgary for a family photography session

I don’t do a lot of family photos in downtown Calgary, but these family photos on the Peace Bridge convinced me to brave the parking and plan more urban shoots. It was so fun meeting up with Elaine and Roger on the Peace Bridge one one of the most beautiful fall days we had this year in Calgary. I’ve been able to meet with them over the years and record their boys growing up and it’s so fun to see their little personalities develop.

Look at these kids though! They are so cute and have a great bond with each other and their parents. I love seeing how kids come out of their shells during a shoot. At the beginning they might be a little shy, but by the end they are so relaxed you have to run to keep up with them!

As always, my favorite photos are those where I’ve been privileged to capture the relationship between parents and children. Years from now, these kids can look at these photos and see the love and joy they brought to their parents. What a gift for them.