People ask me all the time, where they should go in Calgary for indoor wedding or engagement photos. The reality is, Calgary doesn’t have that many great indoor shooting locations if the weather is too cold or rainy. There’s Devonian Gardens, but they are quite strict about shooting there, the Calgary Zoo is gorgeous, but that’s only a real option for people who choose to get married there. The parkade at SAIT is a very popular choice, but so popular that you might find it flooded with wedding parties if the weather is poor. This quick photo session with Paul and Sara shows that you don’t need much, beautiful natural light goes a long way to making any corner in any Starbucks or coffee shop the perfect place. All you need is some creativity and courage to take over that corner. In all my years of photographing weddings, I am always amazed by how accommodating people are so don’t be afraid to ask people to move for a few minutes or take some pictures off the wall if needed. I’ve never had anyone say no, they always smile and usually offer to help.

I was a bridesmaid (usually the photographer, and now a bridesmaid!) for Paul and Sara and had the privilege to take them aside for 10 minutes to take some portraits of them on their wedding day in March 2014. I had already done engagement photos of them so I was excited to be a part of their wedding and support them on their big day.

Congratulations Paul and Sara! Thank you for letting me be a part of your team and photograph you!